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Open Source

We at Bjerk believe that open source code is one of the most important things in programming because it is a two-way transaction where we are both a consumer and a contributor. Such an approach also ensures that we deliver a product of the highest quality. Bjerk strongly believes that it is not only important to work together to achieve the goals, but also to solve problems in technology.Open source code also gives our customers great freedom of choice and movement if they choose to collaborate with someone else along the way.


Do you need help with a little or a lot? Bjerk undertakes both small and large tasks, so you can be sure that we help you through the entire process regardless of the size of the project.At the beginning of a development project, we can assist in planning and carrying out planning. Then our architects will ensure a safe implementation and prepare specifications before the project can be taken further.Bjerk places great emphasis on understanding customers wishes. It is an important part of our processes where we build human understanding between us and the customer.


In order to succeed in a digitization process, it is important to take care of the people who are going through the changes. At Bjerk, we have extensive experience of helping companies through digitization processes. We know that close dialogue and good project management are important factors for making the change a good experience for everyone in the company.At Bjerk, we can help with a strategy that takes care of the human aspect and the employees in the company. We can help you from an idea to a finished product and take responsibility for all or part of the process.
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